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Perfect Order Webinar Series

CONAIR Virtual Tour: Solving the Multi-Channel Challenge

Take a virtual tour of Conair’s 850,000 sq. foot multi-channel distribution center. Experience how Conair’s Glendale, AZ state-of-the-art automated distribution center has optimized store replenishment and direct-to-consumer fulfillment services under one roof. Our presenters will give you an overview of the facility layout and design and talk about the key technologies used to handle the complexities of multi-channel distribution.

Previous Webinar Replays

Previous Perfect Order Webinars explored ways to Reduce DC Travel 30-70% using AI-based path and batch optimization, Machine Learning As a New Tool To Improve Warehouse Management, looked at ways to improve workflow and efficiency by Bridging The Gaps In Your WMS, and other important topics. Use the link below to access all of our on-demand replays.

Lucas In The News

Best Practices To Improve In-Store Picking For E-Commerce Fulfillment | Food Logistics (June 2020)

COVID-19 may be the tipping point for e-commerce in grocery, permanently changing consumer behavior and shopping habits.  In that case, grocers have less time than ever to develop efficient, effective fulfillment capabilities. To make the most of the e-commerce opportunity, grocery retailers will need to adopt in-store processes and technology innovations similar to those already used to pick orders in grocery distribution centers and e-commerce fulfillment centers. Learn More on page 43.

Other Voices: To Get The Most Out Of Robots, Optimize Your People | Modern Materials Handling (June 2020)

AMRs provide tremendous new opportunities to improve efficiency, but DC operators still need to think creatively about the best way to use the technology in their operations. DCs that optimize the work of people alongside robots can further reduce labor hours per unit shipped and improve robot utilization. Learn More.

Warehouse Productivity Is Declining: Blame It On E-Commerce | DC Velocity (June 2019)

Productivity dropped by 7.6 percent in the warehousing and storage industry last year, according to a news release issued May 23 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Digging deeper into the numbers shows that the government figures don’t paint an accurate picture of what is happening in the warehousing and distribution space. In fact, the apparent decline in productivity is a function of the increasing share of ecommerce orders flowing out of warehouses and DCs, rather than a true reflection of labor productivity rates. Here’s why.

Modern Mobility: Wear It While You Work | Modern Materials Handling (February 2019)

The industry is moving toward shrinking form factors for devices, especially in voice-directed applications. In fact, some customers are now working to use Lucas’ technology on a smart watch. If users seldom need a screen, a smart watch’s processing power, memory and Wi-Fi connectivity make it a fit for a stand-alone device.

Press Releases

March 9th, 2020
Lucas Announces an Enterprise Analytics Solution (Lucas Insight) For Warehouse Operations
Lucas has introduced a new Enterprise Analytics solution (Lucas Insight) at MODEX 2020 (Booth #9619). Lucas Insight provides supply chain executives with real-time trend analysis and insights into key performance indicators across their distribution networks. Lucas Insight improves planning and performance by allowing supply chain leaders to view KPIs across sites, and to identify trends and troubleshoot issues.

January 13, 2020
Lucas Certifies Bluebird Mobile Computers For Voice Directed Applications in Stores and Distribution Centers
Lucas has certified the Bluebird EF401 and EF501 Android mobile computers for use with Lucas Move voice directed picking applications featuring Jennifer Voice. Lucas is joining Bluebird at the NRF Big Show in New York this week.

February 8, 2019
Lucas Certifies Full Range of Zebra Android Mobile Computers For Voice Picking And Warehouse Operations
Lucas has certified four Android devices from Zebra Technologies – the TC2x, TC5x, MC3300, and WT6000 – that meet the needs of warehouses seeking to upgrade legacy voice picking systems or to implement voice directed warehouse solutions for the first time.

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