Scott Mullins, CTO and SVP of Customer Engagement

“My main goal has always been to create value for customers by developing one-of-a-kind software solutions and innovative approaches to enhancing business processes. What excites me the most is the chance to continuously iterate on forward-thinking solutions that directly tackle the challenges faced by our clients.”

Scott Mullins photo

Scott Mullins is the EVP of Operations and COO at Lucas Systems, where he leads several cross-functional teams including, engineering, operations and support, with a focus on R&D, continuous improvement, scalability and new product development.

With more than 30 years in technology leadership across several supply chain and healthcare organizations in both start up and established environments, Scott has excelled in developing strategic plans for implementation and operation of client services, product development and commercialization, quality assurance and training. He has extensive technical and executive experience in software development, technical infrastructure, capacity planning, project and storage management, cloud architecture, master data management, agile methodologies, and business process improvement.

His track record of operational excellence includes serving as Chief Technology Officer at Annexus Health where he built the product and technology function for the healthcare technology start up, growing the team from 4 to 62 members. He also spearheaded the development of data-driven value-based care solutions for healthcare supply chain leader Pensiamo as Vice President of Technology and led with software development at group purchasing organization Intalere.

Scott is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science.

Thought Leadership from Scott:

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