Ace Endico Improves Productivity and Accuracy with Lucas

To support growth, Ace Endico needed a solution to help their workforce pick more cases in the same number of hours and load trucks more efficiently. “The main things we needed were better productivity and accuracy and an easier, faster way to get new employees up to standard,” says Murray Hertzberg, President of Ace Endico. After researching a variety of solutions, Hertzberg and his management team felt Lucas addressed the accuracy, productivity and training challenges, in addition to improving safety for workers.
Ace Endico - Voice-Directed Replenishment

About Ace Endico

Ace Endico is a growing regional foodservice distributor in New York State. With growth comes the challenge to maintain and improve service while shipping larger volumes from the same physical space.

"Our case picking rates were about 135-145 cases per hour in the old system and now it is about 180, which is a greater than 25 percent increase in productivity. In addition, selection errors were reduced by 44% within months of implementation. We have improved the productivity and quality of life for selectors."
Murray Hertzeberg
President at Ace Endico

The Lucas solution

• The Lucas solution includes unique AI-based optimization that is embodied in Jennifer™, the brains, voice and orchestration engine of the solution.
• The management console helps manage work, audits and exceptions, and provides real-time productivity reporting.
Voice-directed mobile applications run on rugged multi-modal hardware devices that can be used in freezer, cooler and dry areas of the DC.
Mobile QC/audit application that runs on standard PC tablets.
• Configurable voice-directed selection for dual-pallet picking.
Batch picking of slow moving items in a narrow-aisle PIR section.
• Voice-directed replenishment and truck loading.
• On-demand case label printing.
Warehouse Optimization
Lucas management console

The Results

• Reduced new user training from two weeks to just two days.
• Voice directed replenishment reduced drops and save 4 hours per shift.
• Selection errors were reduced by 44%
• New selectors achieve standard pick rates within two weeks, versus 90 days with RF.
• Average case picking rates increased by 28%
• Reduced selector turnover and improved worker satisfaction.

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