Resnick Distributors

Convenience Distributor Reduces Labor Costs 30%

Resnick Distributors is a growing distributor of food and beverage, health, beauty and other product categories to 1,500 convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, tobacco shops, gift shops, specialty stores, wholesalers and concessions throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Resnick uses RF applications for receiving, replenishment and other tasks, driven by a PowerHouse/WMS from QSSI, but order picking was a manual, paper-based process. To improve efficiency, they were seeking hands-free picking solutions.


“Our case picking rates were about 135-145 cases per hour in the old system and now it is about 180, which is a greater than 25 percent increase in productivity. In addition, selection errors were reduced by 44% within months of implementation. We have improved the productivity and quality of life for selectors.”

Murray Hertzberg, President of Ace Endico

Complexity Drives Need For Hands-Free Picking

Given the wide range of products Resnick distributes, the 100,000 square foot DC in New Brunswick, N.J. has a number of different picking areas with different process types, including case and less-than case picking to carts in coolers and freezers, case pick to conveyor and pallet, and piece and less-than-case picking to totes. This is a complex environment that creates unique challenges in streamlining end-to-end fulfillment operations.

In an effort to increase efficiency and throughput, the company reconfigured its forward pick areas and evaluated technology options to improve and optimize hands-on picking processes. “We had experimented with RF-based picking in the past, so we knew that wasn’t going to give us the productivity and accuracy boost we wanted,” says Steven Resnick, President. Instead, Resnick and his team evaluated voice-directed solutions, and installed the Lucas Solution, including Lucas Move mobile applications featuring Jennifer voice.

The Lucas Solution at Resnick Includes:

  1. 1) Lucas Engage work execution software integrates with PowerHouse, and manages and orchestrates work execution across DC zones.
  2. 2) Lucas Move mobile applications featuring Jennifer Voice provide efficient hands-free picking in multiple temperature zones (freezer, cooler and ambient) and various case and split-case picking styles.
    3) Lucas Engage management dashboards are used by managers to prioritize and release work to the different areas, manage work assignments, and view picking progress and associate productivity in real time.
    4) Lucas QC/Audit application that improves efficiency and accuracy by allowing supervisors to prioritize audits.


  1. 1) Increased picking productivity – reduced overtime by 80 percent leading to a 30 percent savings in labor costs
    2) Picking errors reduced by 60 percent
    3) Improved accountability among managers
    4) Training reduced to 1 day and turnover declined due to improved work processes for selectors

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