AI Based Voice Picking For Smaller DCs

Quickly automate your picking processes to increase throughput and reduce labor. Cloud Voice Picking from Lucas can be deployed in weeks, with minimal IT resources. Most DCs see 10-20% labor savings with Lucas voice picking, without any changes to their WMS, racking or other infrastructure.

Get advanced features like AI-based travel optimization and intelligent performance management in a cloud-based package designed for small and medium-sized DCs. And our service based pricing eliminates big capital outlays.

Start Voice Picking In Weeks:

  • Configurable voice-directed workflows delivered in days
  • Cloud deployment requires minimal IT resources
  • Intuitive web-based dashboards give managers visibility and control on day one
  • User-friendly, multi-lingual applications accelerate training

  • Standard interfaces make integration quick and easy

  • No material handling equipment to buy, build or install

  • No changes to your WMS, WCS or other systems

Real Results in 30 Days

Get Started With These Helpful Resources

Lucas Cloud Voice Picking

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AI-Based Travel Optimization

This 10 minute demo dives into the various components of our AI-based optimization tool – dynamic prioritization, path optimization and intelligent batching. Fill out the form and we will send you the demo.

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Voice Picking Software Selection Guide

This guide dives into determining whether voice is right for your warehouse, key benefits and features, hardware options, WMS and ERP integrations and system pricing & implementation costs.