Industry Experience You Can Trust

Exceptional customer results are our number one goal for every project. And the professional services that we provide are central to achieving those results. Our engineering services and support teams are led by experts with decades of experience in operations improvement, software design, and mobile technology deployment.

Our Services

Any successful technology implementation requires close collaboration with our customers’ operations and IT teams. Working with your team, we start by clearly understanding your unique operational and business requirements, carefully engineering a solution based on best practices, effectively managing system design and implementation, and then providing world-class post implementation support

Operational Analysis and Process Design

Our first interaction with any new company is typically in the form of an initial operations assessment. We begin by conducting an initial analysis of your current operation to identify areas for improvement and to quantify the range of potential efficiency and other process improvement gains that may be possible in your DC. If you decide to move forward, we will conduct an engineering study, in which our engineers will work with your operations and IT teams to understand in detail your current technical and operational requirements, spend time studying your operation, and observing how your associates and managers accomplish their work today.
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System Implementation

Our system implementation services use the functional design developed through the engineering study to create a detailed system specification and implementation process for your project. We then configure our standard software, and test and implement the system in close coordination with your internal project team. During start up we will install the software, conduct user acceptance testing, and provide user and technical training to ensure a smooth start up, and long-term self-sufficiency in using the Lucas software.
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One-Call Support

After your users are up and running with Lucas software, our in-house technical support team is available 24 x 7 to answer your questions. Our team is staffed by experienced Lucas engineers based at our company headquarters so you’ll never talk to an outsourced help-desk call taker. In addition to supporting our software, the team provides first-line diagnostics on mobile computing devices used with Lucas mobile applications.
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