Exceptional Service Is Central to Our Mission

Outstanding after-sales support is core to the Lucas mission of improving the work lives of hourly associates and front-line managers. Our support services organization is focused on ensuring that every user in your organization (hourly associates, front-line supervisors, and managers) realizes the full benefits of our software solutions for the lifetime of our partnership.

What Makes Us Different?

While other software companies have been cutting internal support teams and pushing customers to lower-cost self-service portals and chats, Lucas has expanded our team and services.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with live telephone support, by Lucas engineers, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, including holidays.
Our services team is based in our corporate headquarters outside of Pittsburgh, PA.
Our customer support specialists are experienced software developers, trained to resolve issues on the first call, if possible, and to ensure customer systems are functioning as efficiently as possible. Because our software is developed and delivered directly by Lucas, rather than through partners, our support team is familiar with every level of the solution, from the base product to any customer-specific configurations.
In addition to their expertise in software, our support engineers are also cross-trained and involved in delivering on-site installation services and training. This gives our team unique insight into how our customers are using our applications and an understanding of the impact our software has on their operations. Our support engineers can also provide first-line diagnostics on mobile computing devices used with our mobile applications, provided that the hardware was purchased through Lucas Systems.
Overall, our support team is there to make sure our customers get the results they need in their operations year after year. We keep customers working efficiently so that they can distribute products as quickly, easily and accurately as possible. The end result is a global network of satisfied Lucas customers who provide exceptional service to their customers and exceptional results to their stakeholders.