Voice-Directed Warehousing Videos

See Jennifer in Action

With more than 400 DCs using Lucas Move and Jennifer for everything from receiving to returns, we have plenty of examples of how voice directed mobile application can be adapted to almost any process and workflow. If you’re looking for more examples- including other processes, industries, etc. please contact us.

Bucket Brigade- Book Picking With Price Stickers


Implementing Jennifer


Batch Picking Bucket Brigade


Bottle Pick to Cart


Voice Directed Selection – Equipment Check and On-demand Case Label Printing


Bucket Brigade- Bottle Pick Module


Piece Picking – Pick and Pass/Bucket Brigade


Piece Pick to Cart – Batch Pick and Deal


Case Pick to Conveyor


Voice Directed Receiving


Put to Tote


Direct Relief-Case Study


Benefits and ROI From Voice




Direct Fulfillment – Batch Pick to Cart


Store Replenishment – Case Pick


Imperial Engage- Tablet


Voice Directed Truck Loading


Benefits of Voice at RSR


Travel Optimization Overview


Piece Pick With Scanning


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