Lucas Move

Mobile Apps Designed for Ease and Efficiency

Lucas Move, featuring Jennifer, is the core component of our voice directed work execution software solutions. Lucas Move streamlines hands-on processes for warehouse associates who wear headsets and a mobile computer, leaving their eyes and hands-free to focus on their work. DCs can choose to use Move with rugged smartphones or a range of other voice-capable mobile computers, avoiding the costs of proprietary hardware, and getting all the benefits of using new smart devices and wearables.

Jennifer is the intelligent, user-friendly voice of Lucas Move that tells workers where to go and what to do. Users speak to Jennifer to confirm their activities and our industry-best speech recognition platform – Serenade – recognizes and interprets the users’ spoken responses, in multiple languages, regardless of accents and background noise.

Mobile Apps Designed For Ease and Efficiency

Optimized For Efficient Picking and Other Operations

Lucas Move is the first and only industrial voice solution built to run on ruggedized smartphones and standard mobile computers and RF terminals, rather than special purpose voice-only appliances. The latest generation of Move can run on all major mobile operating systems (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS), and warehouses can choose to use Move on rugged smartphones or on a wide range of standard mobile computers from companies such as Motorola®, Zebra, Bluebird, Honeywell, LXE, Intermec™ and others. Move can also be used with the latest Android wearable devices, such as smartwatches to incorporate hands-free visual cues.

Every Move application takes advantage of multiple input and communication technologies, including touchscreens and/or keypads (for logging on and training, for example), and barcode scanners, which are an ideal complement to voice recognition for data capture and produce traceability during voice picking, receiving, putaway and more.

The use of standard mobile computers has a number of technical, financial and operational advantages over previous generations of single-purpose voice only appliances.

Efficient Picking

Built For Standard Mobile Computers

Every Lucas Move application incorporates best practices gained from thousands of voice users at hundreds of warehouses and distribution centers. And since every DC is different, Move adapts to different processes and can support a variety of configurable voice directed workflows, including the flexible use of barcode scanning and other data capture and display technologies – including smartwatches and glasses.

The user voice dialogue, their conversation with Jennifer, can be tailored to your needs to maximize the productivity and accuracy of your warehouse staff, giving you a bigger, faster ROI from voice. To ensure the ideal fit, Lucas Systems follows a collaborative implementation approach that focuses on ease-of-use for users and overall process optimization for your DC.

Built For Standard Mobile Computers
Multi-use means lower cost

Multi-Use Means Lower Cost

The same device that can be used for voice picking on one shift can be used in an RF application on a second shift, rather than buying two different devices.

Pay Market Prices for Devices and Accessories

DCs can buy a range of devices made by multiple manufacturers and sold by many vendors, lowering overall costs for devices, accessories (batteries, chargers, etc.), and service contracts.
Market Price
Flexible & Powerful Applications

More Flexible, Powerful Applications

Lucas Move takes full advantage of the screen, scanner and keyboard of the multi-modal terminal, making training and log in easier, and improving the ergonomics and efficiency of tasks in which barcode scanning is an appropriate complement to voice picking and other applications.

Multilingual Speech Recognition - Serenade

The Serenade Speech Recognition Platform incorporates industry-leading speech recognition technology that has been adapted for use in challenging industrial environments. Serenade automatically adapts to sudden and frequent changes in background noise, and the system adapts to users, even as their speech patterns change in the course of a single shift (due to fatigue, for example), or from day-to-day.

Serenade offers several key advantages over earlier speech recognition technologies used for voice picking in the warehouse.

Speech Recognition
Better recognition for all users

Better Recognition For All Users

Serenade utilizes multiple simultaneous strategies to ensure optimal recognition even for users with non-standard accents or speech patterns that may have struggled to get acceptable recognition with another speech system.

No Voice Training

While traditional speaker-dependent voice systems used in the DC require a 20-30 minute voice training session, Serenade requires no user training. (While people use Serenade without training, the system is not speaker-independent – Serenade adapts and learns their speech patterns).

Eliminate Retraining

Adaptation Eliminates Retraining

With legacy voice picking systems, users frequently had to record a new model as they became accustomed to the system and started to speak more quickly. Serenade eliminates retraining and continually adapts to each user’s speech patterns, even as they may change subtly from day-to-day (due to illness) or even over the course of a single shift.

Work Execution At Direct Relief​

Efficient and accurate fulfillment is not just critical, it is lifesaving. Direct Relief implemented the Lucas solution to assist them in the distribution of medical supplies for emergency relief. We are very proud to partner with Direct Relief in accomplishing their wonderful mission.

Interested in seeing how much you could save if you implemented a Lucas solution? Check out our savings calculator.

Voice Picking Selection Guide

The Voice Picking Selection Guide dives into determining whether voice is right for your warehouse, key benefits and features, hardware options, WMS and ERP integrations and system pricing & implementation costs.