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March 23, 2015

Lucas Certifies New Smart Wearables

New Rugged Smartphones and Wearables Offer Improved Price, Performance and Flexibility For Jennifer Mobile Supply Chain Applications

Lucas Systems, Inc., the leading innovator of mobile work execution solutions for mobile workers and distribution center managers, today announced that it has certified new rugged smartphones and other wearable devices and accessories for use with Jennifer Mobile applications. Lucas will be showing Jennifer voice picking and order sortation demonstrations on a range of mobile devices, smartwatches and wearable accessories this week in Booth 3538 at the ProMat 2015 trade show in Chicago. Lucas also announced that several customers are deploying the new Jennifer smartphone solution in customer-fulfillment applications.

Jennifer Mobile, the Lucas mobile application for voice-picking and other warehouse applications, is designed to permit the seamless use of voice direction, speech recognition, visual user interfaces, and barcode scanning, similar to smartphone applications. In addition to rugged smartphones, the Jennifer solution includes a range of Bluetooth headsets and barcode scanners to create a powerful, secure and economical solution for the distribution center. Each of the rugged smartphones certified by Lucas is available with a range of hardened cases meeting military standards (MIL-STD-810 or greater) for drop/tumble/vibration protection that meet or exceed the protection ratings of other warehouse devices used with Jennifer.

“By supporting Jennifer on rugged smartphones, we are helping DCs give workers better, more intuitive and more ergonomic tools to do their jobs, without sacrificing security or durability,” said Jennifer Lachenman, VP of Product Strategy and Business Alliances at Lucas Systems. “Beyond operational efficiency, these smart solutions improve the user experience, which goes directly to staff training and retention. This is a critical issue in the face of the changing DC workforce, and the different technology expectations of the new generation of millennial workers.”

Jennifer Mobile supports end-to-end DC processes, not just picking, and includes the Serenade Speech Recognition Platform, which provides superior recognition quality across languages, diverse users and accents, and noisy environments. Lucas has now certified the following rugged smartphones and accessories for use with Jennifer:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 Smartphones
  • Motorola Luge Smartphones
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Live Smartwatch
  • LG G Smartwatch

“While the majority of existing customers use traditional warehouse hardware devices, they are seeking more flexible, powerful hardware alternatives that can support better ergonomics, and easier ways to work,” said Jeff Slevin, COO of Lucas Systems. “The market is responding to this need. Even the industrial hardware providers are introducing their own rugged smartphones. New rugged smartphones and wearable devices allow us to introduce new capabilities that were unthinkable even five years ago. These new solutions will help accelerate the adoption of mobile work applications in a range of new tasks within and beyond the four walls of the distribution center, including store-based fulfillment for omni-channel retail.”

About Lucas Systems, Inc.
Since 1998, Lucas Systems has pioneered warehouse productivity solutions for mobile workers and distribution center managers. Customers like Cardinal Health, the Container Store, C&S Wholesale Grocers, HD Supply, OfficeMax, Mondelez, Kraft and Rust-Oleum trust Lucas to deliver solutions that greatly improve worker productivity and accuracy because Lucas truly understands warehouse operations. Lucas Mobile Work Execution solutions optimize hands-on processes and seamlessly combine voice, barcode scanning, and other mobile technologies to improve worker productivity, eliminate errors, and boost end-to-end DC efficiency. The solutions also provide managers and supervisors with real-time reporting and management tools that help them better manage their operations.

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