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Lucas Work Execution Software Solutions optimize manual processes, make hands-on tasks easier and better for workers, and give supervisors new tools to view and manage associate performance, balance work-in-process, and adjust operations to changing needs. The solutions help DCs adapt to new demands without changing WMS or host systems, improve associate productivity, and increase order and inventory accuracy. The solutions combine advanced optimization technologies and industry-leading mobile, voice-directed applications to set new standards for DC performance and flexibility. Beyond voice picking, this is the future of work execution.

What is Work Execution Software?


Optimize Manual Work Alongside WMS and Automation

Most warehouses and distribution centers have existing systems, processes and infrastructure that have served them well in the past, but which cannot meet new demands for more flexible, faster, and efficient distribution. Warehouse management systems are designed for inventory optimization and planning, but they do not provide rich, configurable workflows that allow DCs to optimize the way work is performed by associates on the warehouse floor. Likewise, WCS and other automation systems are concerned only with planning and execution of automated material handling processes, rather than the manual processes that still prevail between islands of automation in the DC.

Lucas Work Execution software gives DCs the flexibility to reengineer hands-on processes beyond the limits of their existing systems, while working with those systems. Adapt to change without risky, costly customization.

Areas Work Execution Software Extends and Enhances a Warehouse Management System

1. Break free from strict wave-based picking.
2. Create variable pick processes for different order types and/or profiles.
3. Dynamically prioritize and optimize work assignments (batches, for example).

1. Efficient, consistent system-directed processes (replace paper)
2. Real-time feedback, coaching and gamification.
3. Seamless use of multiple modes of user interaction (i.e., multimodal mobile applications), including:

A. Voice direction and speech recognition for hands free picking.
B. Opportunistic barcode scanning where needed (including product tracking to meet regulatory requirements).
C. Delivery of display information in wearable technology (smart watches, smart glasses, etc.).

1. Coordination of human work activities with automation systems and robots.
2. Scheduling and travel optimization for AMRs.
1. View and manage work in process.
2. Give managers and associates immediate productivity and performance metrics.
3. Enable real-time exception alerts.
4. Rich data capture for AI-based predictive analytics.

Lucas Enterprise Integration

(EAI) is a standards-based framework that simplifies integration to leading warehouse management packages (SAP, Oracle, JDA, Manhattan, HighJump, etc.), host systems, warehouse control systems, and other automation and IT systems used in the DC. Regardless of the WMS or other systems you rely on today, Lucas Enterprise Application Integration ensures that our work execution software and voice-directed mobile applications can work with it, adding to its capabilities and deferring to its strengths, where applicable. Lucas EAI supports multiple integration technologies and approaches, ranging from direct, real-time interfaces to host or WMS systems to batch file transfers. In many cases, multiple integration and data transfer techniques may be used. In the end, the choice is always yours, based on what is the best approach to meet your operational needs. 

Lucas Enterprise Integration

Lucas Engage

Lucas Engage uses advanced mathematical models to optimize work assignments across tasks (picking, cross-dock, receiving, replenishment, etc.), maximizing efficiency and minimizing travel in labor-intensive warehouse operations. It also orchestrates the execution of work assignments in conjunction with the Lucas Move applications. The software can be hosted in the cloud, on-site or in a private network. Supervisors and DC managers use the Engage Management Dashboard to view and manage work in process, employee performance, and exceptions. The Web-based Engage Dashboard presents real-time data collected on the floor to give supervisors complete insight and control over work and associate productivity. Engage also allows managers to configure and change hands-on processes to adapt to changing operational needs.

Dynamic Work Optimization is an advanced module within Lucas Engage that dynamically manages priority, maximizes pick density, and optimizes travel paths in picking and other travel-intensive warehouse processes.

DWO uses AI and advanced mathematical models to reduce travel, increase pick density, and optimize the use of labor and other DC resources. For travel-intensive activities like putaway, replenishment and picking, the tool calculates the shortest path and optimal work sequence, significantly reducing travel compared to organizing work based simply on warehouse sequence. For batch picking processes, the tool applies advanced algorithms developed by Lucas to create optimized batch assignments that maximize pick density and minimize travel. Working together, the batch and travel path optimizations can reduce average travel time by 50 percent or more.

Lucas Move

Lucas Move mobile applications feature Jennifer, providing easy, intuitive voice-directed workflows that combine speech recognition, barcode scanning and other data capture and display technologies to streamline hands-on work and make tasks easier and better for workers. Move runs on the voice-capable wearable or mobile computer of your choice, ranging from rugged smartphones and smart glasses to traditional handheld and vehicle mount terminals.

Every Move application takes advantage of multiple input and communication technologies, including touchscreens and/or keypads (for logging on and training, for example), and barcode scanners, which are an ideal complement to voice recognition for data capture and produce traceability during voice picking, receiving, putaway and more.

The Serenade Speech Recognition Platform incorporates industry-leading speech recognition technology that has been adapted for use in challenging industrial environments.  Serenade automatically adapts to sudden and frequent changes in background noise, and the system adapts to users, even as their speech patterns change in the course of a single shift (due to fatigue, for example), or from day-to-day.

Serenade offers several key advantages over earlier speech recognition technologies used for voice picking in the warehouse including better recognition for all users, no voice training and no retraining.

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Jennifer By Lucas

Jennifer is the intelligent, user-friendly voice of Lucas Move that tells workers where to go and what to do. Users speak to Jennifer to confirm their activities and our industry-best speech recognition platform – Serenade – recognizes and interprets the users’ spoken responses, in multiple languages, regardless of accents and background noise.

Associates communicate with Jennifer through a headset and the voice-enabled mobile computer of your choice – including rugged smartphones or other wearable devices. Jennifer tells workers where to go and what to do in a friendly, easy to understand voice, and users speak to Jennifer to confirm their activities. Serenade recognizes and interprets the users’ spoken responses, in multiple languages, regardless of accents and background noise.

Lucas Insight

Lucas Insight

Lucas Insight collects, stores, aggregates and graphically displays data captured by the Lucas Work Execution System (WES) across multiple sites. With Insight, executives, regional directors and managers can view real-time dashboards incorporating charts, graphs and other visualizations of their data, providing analysis at both the individual site level and the enterprise, multi-site level. Lucas Insight combines current operational data with historical data to improve analysis, planning, and decision-making across a network of DCs and within a single facility. Using Lucas Insight, executives, regional directors and managers can compare KPIs across sites, identify trends, troubleshoot issues, and monitor the status of operations across their DC network.

Work Execution Software at Direct Relief


Work Execution Solutions For Every Task

Voice Picking

Voice Picking

See how traditional voice-picking solutions have evolved to incorporate barcode scanning and other input and display technologies (including next-generation smart glasses), as well as advanced, adaptive workflows that optimize productivity and eliminate errors in the order selection processes.


Inbound Operations

Transform RF or manual receiving, putaway and replenishment processes using barcode scanning, voice direction and speech recognition, improving the coordination, efficiency and accuracy of inbound activities. 

Outbound Operations

Outbound Operations

In addition to efficient picking using configurable workflows, DCs require hands-free put-to-store, cross-dock and other adaptable outbound processes, in addition to post-pick QC/Audit, product sortation and truck loading.

Other Processes

Other Processes

Learn how returns, cycle counting and other DC processes can be improved to ensure consistent, efficient performance, often by interleaving these tasks with other processes.

Industry Solutions



More than four dozen wine and spirits DCs use this configurable solution supporting pick orchestration across multiple pick styles (bucket-brigade and two-stage cart picking), along with in-line QC/Audit and advanced labor and management reporting.



Tailored to the unique needs of the foodservice and grocery DC, FoodSelect is a comprehensive voice-directed solution supporting full product traceability using GS1 standards across all warehouse tasks, including order selection and truck loading, QC, receiving, putaway and replenishment.

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