With the rising numbers of texting-related driving accidents, more and more states are banning texting while driving (to see the laws in your State, use this link). But think about this: is texting while driving really any worse than using paper pick lists or an RF terminal in a distribution center, especially if you’re “driving” a pallet jack or fork lift?

Maybe it’s time to bring the same thinking to the distribution center floor, where associate distraction is a leading factor in lost-time injuries, in addition to picking errors and lost productivity. The answer: put down the terminal, put down the pick lists, and let Jennifer™ guide you by voice.

Increase Warehouse Safety With Voice-Directed Warehousing Solutions

I’ll admit it, and I’d guess that most of you would admit to being distracted by a cell phone in the car, or even texting while driving.  At the very least, we’ve all seen someone else on the road making bad lane changes or blowing through an intersection while holding a phone to their ear or in their hand!  Put a hands-free headset on the phone, use voice recognition to dial calls, stop reading your texts and emails, and you’ve improved your concentration on the driving task, making the roads safer for everyone. (For another view on the subject of texting-while-driving, see Mitch MacDonald’s commentary in the April issue of DC Velocity magazine.)

Eyes and hands-free workflows

Now think about the distribution center associate who is juggling paper lists, pens, and/or RF terminals, looking for locations, looking for correct items, and trying to remember the correct quantity to pick, in some cases while maneuvering a cart, pallet jack, or other equipment.

Compare the eyes and hands-free driving experience to the life of the DC picker and you’ll start to appreciate how voice direction and voice recognition improve associate safety.

Quantifying the Safety Benefits?

Do it Best’s DC in Waco, Texas has a big banner hanging out front touting 2+ years since a lost-time injury. Brent Watts, the DC General Manager, says Jennifer voice is a big reason for their spotless safety record.

It’s hard to quantify the direct dollars and cents safety benefits of voice since there are lots of factors that contribute to safety. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that voice makes for a safer workplace, just as texting-free roadways are safer roadways.

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