Warehouse Management System Upgrades Are Risky, So It’s Always Wise To Consider Alternatives

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, footwear retailer Finish Line recently announced a steep financial loss that the company blames on a recent Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementation. The WMS project impacted its ability to fill orders and resulted in $32 million in lost sales. This isn’t the first example of a big-bang technology upgrade that led to big-time financial losses, and it’s unlikely to be the last. That’s a good reason why companies should consider alternatives before they dive in to a warehouse management system upgrade.

In our experience, companies with older systems often think a new WMS will solve all their problems. But they fail to recognize that even the latest and greatest WMS packages need other automation, Warehouse Control Systems, and mobile work solutions to optimize inbound and outbound processes. And the reality is that these work execution and automation systems can be implemented with legacy systems. The majority of Lucas solutions, for example, have been integrated with custom-built systems and legacy packages. The Lucas solutions are typically implemented in a few months and deliver immediate productivity and accuracy improvements, without the time, cost and risk of changing your system of record for the warehouse.

Our recent webinar, Alternatives To Upgrading Your Warehouse Management System, addressed this very subject. During the 20-minute presentation we shared a few examples of DCs that implemented Lucas solutions instead of upgrading their WMS. These companies were able to transform receiving, picking and other processes. And in many cases, the Lucas solutions breathe new life into older WMS systems. The common theme of these stories is simple: before you invest in a new WMS, clearly identify your objectives and consider your alternatives. View the webinar replay to learn more.


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