Harmonizing the Union of Technology and Humans

Jennifer™ orchestrates and communicates with people, robots, automation and IT systems via standard users and system interfaces.


Jennifer™ combines voice, scanning, and vision to improve end-to-end warehouse tasks – from receiving to picking and returns.

Jennifer’s industry-best speech recognition platform uses dual speech engines and deep neural network technology providing optimal performance across languages, users and challenging DC environments.



Jennifer™ communicates with robots to coordinate work amongst robots and humans simultaneously – providing flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

While Jennifer™ orchestrates and optimizes work within picking zones, a DC can add robots for conveyance between pick zones or other staging locations. This can further reduce worker travel to and from fixed drop off or induction points. Likewise, Jennifer™ can be used to optimize the travel of robots for full pallet moves, both in inbound and outbound operations.



Jennifer™ communicates with workers and managers through multi-modal mobile applications and a web-based management console.

Jennifer™ communicates with workers through the Lucas mobile application running on the mobile device of your choice. The user interface combines voice direction (Jennifer™ voice), speech recognition, scanning, display and RFID.

Jennifer™ communicates with managers through the Lucas management console which provides managers real-time visibility and control of operations. Beyond monitoring operations, managers can manage workers and work in process, and update rules, settings and configurations.


Automation and Systems

Jennifer™ communicates with automation, WMS, TMS, and other systems via standard system interfaces that make integration fast and flexible.

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We helped Apex Tool Group, a leading manufacturer of hand and power tools, operate with 10% fewer man hours.
“You rarely implement a new system and have users tell you ‘It’s made my life so much easier!’ Making the processes better for associates makes them more productive. And that’s better for the business.”

-Chris Rufa, Senior Director of Global Distribution
Pet Supermarket
We helped Pet Supermarket, a leading pet supply retailer, increase throughput by 33%.
“This was the smoothest implementation of any technology I have been involved with in my 28 years.”

-Mac Whetsel, VP of Operations

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