Jennifer™ voice helps you get the right products out the door, faster, with less people.

Since 1998, Jennifer™ voice has been making work easier, faster and safer for tens of thousands of warehouse workers on five continents.
Voice Picking

Get more out of your DC with the smartest voice-directed warehousing solution

Jennifer™ voice has helped hundreds of distributors overcome the most important challenges they face – from increasing productivity and accuracy to improving worker safety and employee morale. There’s a reason 15,000+ warehouse workers work with Jennifer™ every day.

Travel Optimization

Reduce the number of workers you need

Pick, pack and ship more products with less people through intelligent voice-directed processes, workflow improvements, and process optimization.

Management Console

Help your managers make smarter decisions

Provide supervisors with management dashboards that displays real-time insights on productivity, workflow, exceptions, and other operational data.

Mobile Applications

Make your workers efficient in every process

Provide your workers with easy-to-use multi-modal mobile applications that can be used to optimize your most important warehouse processes.

Speech Recognition

Get new employees working efficiently in one day

Minimize time-spent training and onboarding with a deep neural network speech recognition technology supporting over 30 languages.


Keep workers safe, healthy and happy

Create a safe and healthy work environment by eliminating wasted motions and making workers more aware of their surroundings.


Exceed your customers expectations

Deliver the right products to your customers with efficient pick and put validations, optimized QC/audit criteria and Jennifer’s on demand assistance.

Batch Optimization

Minimize the time workers spend walking to pick locations

Reduce the time workers spend traveling between pick locations by dynamically batching/grouping orders together and optimizing their pick paths.


No need replace your WMS or host system

Reuse and extend your current systems with our standards-based interfaces that make integration quick and effective

Waveless Order Release

Get ecommerce orders out the door faster

Reduce turnaround times of ecommerce orders by efficiently allocating workers and equipment with a "waveless" order release.

Order consolidation

Stay prepared for ever-changing market demands

Create flexibility with adaptive voice-directed workflows that are configured to meet your changing business requirements. (e.g. voice-directed put walls for order consolidation).

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AI-Based Travel Optimization


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Distribution leaders have seen transformational results

Case Picking
Jennifer™ helped Baptist Health, a leading healthcare provider, double picking productivity.
“The previous average picking rate in the LUM area was 50-56 lines per hour (LPH). Today it is 100-110. That is a 100% improvement, and in bulk picking, the number is about 20 percent.”

-Dale Adamson, AVP of Logistics and Distribution
Jennifer™ helped Apex Tool Group, a leading manufacturer of hand and power tools, operate with 10% fewer man hours.
“You rarely implement a new system and have users tell you ‘It’s made my life so much easier!’ Making the processes better for associates makes them more productive. And that’s better for the business.”

-Chris Rufa, Senior Director of Global Distribution

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